Former Ghibli animator Hiroshi Shimizu will be the animation director of canadian “Urbance” TV series.
But the project still need support on Kickstarter :

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Some femmes are dominant and some butches are submissive. Some men have vaginas and some women have penises. Sometimes what you call a clit is called a dick by it’s owner, and sometimes a dick is really a clit. Some straight men want to be penetrated and some straight women want to do it. Sometimes people aren’t men or women at all and sometimes genitals aren’t a black and white issue. Sometimes people are different to you, and always, we need to accept this.

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Esther Quek

The badass boss that redefines androgyny.


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Sidewalk concrete spheres painted by le Cyklop for l’été du Canal in Paris 19th district (Canal de l’Ourcq).

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Week two of Inktober. It was harder to get these done this week, haha.

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Tyra Banks ending the life of a homophobe on national tv. 

you fucking go tyra

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